ABF | 5,500 gallon Fuel spill Ohio

Anyone know how this happened?
The NLR terminal had a leak several years back but not this much was in the ground. The company suspected a leak on a smaller tank that had at one time been used for gasoline storage. They followed the guidelines & had the tank check numerous times over several years by certified test companies. The companies for several years said there was no problem. When the problem was found the ground was contaminated but the company was not fined because they had followed PCE guidelines. The cleanup was paid for by what is known as the 'Superfund Account'. Several companies contribute to the fund & it is used for cleanups when guidelines are followed.
Several years back one of our tractors had a ruptured fuel tank when it was hit by a drunk driver with no insurance in upstate NY. The company was fined & paid for the cleanup. Some fuel went into a stream & there was a fish kill. The cost was significant enough that the company had the shop design a steel plate for the tanks that would withstand a side impact & evaluated the cost for the material & installation.