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    Can anyone believe the ARROGANCE of Vice-President Coli or the willingness of General-President Hoffa to let it continue?
    Since day one, Coli has said whatever he has had to say to get us to buy into his "agenda". Now he's not even afraid to put his lie in writing. Local 710's website trusteeship page says:
    PLEASE NOTE: On December 10, 2014, General President James P. Hoffa issued an additional notice confirming Local 710’s full trusteeship for a period no less than 18 months....
    On the same page there is a link to the Dec. 10, 2014 letter. NO WHERE in the letter does it say anything about a period of no less then 18 months. He tells us whatever he needs to to further his "agenda". And thinks we're to dumb to question the all powerful and knowing Coli.
    Mr. Coli, we may not have gone to law school, like you, but most of us stupid drivers, dock workers, office workers, etc. can read. We also know when someone is screwing us.
    It's time we start holding General President Hoffa accountable for the actions of his appointed Trustee. He has an election next year and he needs to protect the rights of 710 members and not Coli's political agenda. (even if they are on the same political team)
    Concerned 710 members should contact Mr. Hoffa @ (202) 624-6800 and tell him to remove Mr. Coli as Trustee immediately and do whatever he needs to do to return OUR local to us, the members.

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