TForce | A Resonable Rate increase over 5 years ?

I beg to differ even the company has changed their sales pitch from "you're the highest paid in the industry" to You're among the highest paid in the industry " BIG difference.

Hourly pay rate is only part of the compensation, medical cost and pension are part of the package, so is OT.

No one can touch our pension benefits and our medical is the best in the industry. Every time I go to a Dr, dentist, optometrist, they all rave about how good my insurance is, why?? Because teamcare is not a profit driven organization, like most companies medical benefits administrator.

That one is for free, no need to thank me.
How much money does UPS waste on bogus EEOC lawsuits?

EEOC Race Discrimination Case Against YRC/Yellow Transportation Ends with $11 Million Decree

EEOC Sues UPS for Religious Discrimination

How do lawsuits like these help Teamster companies?
Well USPF isn't in the central states so I don't know much about it. That's great fedex has a good 401k match. Better build that baby up because your gonna need it. FedEx is a great place to work just not a great place to retire from.

FXF wouldn’t have been in the Central States either, we would have been in Western States but our antis just couldn’t get that through their heads or just used the CSPF to get their co-workers to vote no. And YES our insurance isn’t even in the same galaxy as what you guys have. I truly hope you guys get a great contract.
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