TForce | Alright, serious question:

You dont want them.

If you have freight that needs a rack like that, stick it in another trailer and tie it onto yours. Or whistle up a pudgie from the Office and hand the keys to him or her. Now you can run two truck loads. No racks needed.

I dont trust trailers today to run anything that has a load imposed on the walls and roof. They are built so cheaply already.

I drive by ABF regularly and frankly they are surrounded by Trailers and remudas of tractors. Same with JBH here. Throw the freight in several trucks. Get em out of the yard.
Load racks are a waste . The time and space they occupy is a loser in the long run . A bad idea for cubing a trailer, that's time has passed.
I’d think it would be safe to say he’s looking for some load racks to take to his local Saturday morning flea market and sell them. That ways he has a jumpstart on his Tip Tally for this year, 2024..
Or bring 1 out to his main job site, enclose it for weather protection. Gets cold in the Walmart driveway.
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