XPO | And the survey says…

I haven’t been asked to fill it out. Management can’t even communicate that to us. Always been one of my biggest gripes. Zero communication. Doesn’t matter who or where. Always been the same.
No worries my friend your terminal manager or one of his micro management imps will fill it out for you. It's all good , they got your employee number and name on file. Pretty sure he will get a 100% good job from your survey info. See Fig 1 please ....

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I think it’s the true test of wether or not your employees respect you that’s why they sweat these things so much. You can have great numbers all day but if you can’t get your guys to do a survey…It doesn’t really reflect to well on your ability to galvanize and bring people together.
when i filled out those survey everything I put on the survey I would have told them to there face. Don't know why people get so scared about it
Amen. They don't care enough about you to retaliate; the company can already do whatever they want at any time, if anything the "we care" and "we're so diverse" culture makes it worse and creepy. Used to be every other word out of any y'all's mouths around here was Brad Jacobs this and Wall Street that, well nothing's changed.

That said, I think most reasonable input will at least be considered. There's just only so much change a large complex system can undertake at a time.
In most cases it's not fear.

It's ambivalence mixed with not wanting to be bothered with the sure-to-follow pettiness.

At least where I'm from , folks think if it gets bad enough ( whatever the problem or issue is ) eventually , somebody will be forced to address the problem or issue with the added benefit of not having to get involved.
I’m pretty sure that management may have gotten in trouble for trying to hide the surveys previously. There were a couple that we never even knew about, but since they can track your location, higher ups had to have known that. Then all of a sudden, they’re hounding us to take it!
:idunno: Well of course corp looks at results and where they are and are NOT coming from as to know what certain centers have to hide or have communication problems. Common sense ? Maybe I'm wrong , please feel free to correct my statement.