ODFL | Annual raise + cost of living

Mike S

TB Lurker
Anyone know if we get our anniversary raise Plus the cost of living raise or is it just the anniversary raise?
Like slinky said, it’s where you fall with your pay scale progression. My anniversary date is September 8th, and the raises usually go into effect around the same time, and I’ve gotten both as long as long as I was due for it.
Yeah cost of living is due the 7th I believe and my progression is due the 14th. I just wasnt sure if I'd get both
I've always gotten the yearly raise in early September.That's why the meetings are in August.Just one raise though.Not a cost of living raise.All I get in June on my anniversary is all the vacation hours.
If your tm likes you he’ll give you the cost of living raise with all the senior employees and then your anniversary will come when it comes
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