Anyone out here Churchill?


I worked at Rudolf Express and when Churchill closed we got a supervisor named Floyd from Churchill. This was when Rudolf had the terminal on 33rd/Damen. Floyd was pretty cool, I think he ended up at Holland.


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I am not Churchill, but in cleaning out my attic I discovered some Ertl Churchill banks. They must have been up there since 92/93?.
I met Fred a couple of times a long time ago, so finding those banks made me curious about Churchill. What can you tell me?

I wonder if those old banks have any value to past employees?

Let me know what you think.



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Yeah, send them to me! I was with Churchill 12 yrs in Columbia Mo. until they
closed during strike in 1994. What do you want for them?


Hired in when South Bend opened, worked with some great guys, Al K., Jimmy W., Bill Z., Zeke W. and my best bud Roger S. and Greg W. lost touch with most all, still trucking myself.