Anyone remember this and what are your thoughts?

From the tape I didnt see anything that he did to deserve all that,if ya give some people a little bit of power and it just goes to their heads.I grew up in Wheeling Wva. and must have seen David allen Coe a couple of dozen times .In his prime he was a big crazy bastard,Boy put on one hell of a show.My guess is the casino will settle out of court .
Probably a stupid indian casino, those douche bag security guards think they are real cops, when in reality they got a job because they hold a card from that tribe, seems the local city, town wouldn't take them, I hated dealing with them, I would rather kick my own ass than delever an indian casino. Most are unfriendly, I had never been to one of the tribe casinos up near Miami OK, the guards acted like I was going to rob the place, total pricks, I simply asked them for information on when the foodservice receiving got there, after getting the run around for an hour I said to the guard on duty that I was moving on, if you need your food go to the store, as I was leaving the food warehouse door opened and they were waving me in. I delivered, they were real nice, they laughed when I told them the story.

I have delivered indian casinos where a guard actually followed me into the cooler and freezer, one even followed me to the bathroom and stood outside, paranoid bunch them indians are.
Heck, I'm Cherokee, an embarrassed one but injun none the less, I guess I look like a paleface though..LOL!

I am a "make no mistake about it" When I'm in Mexico or other parts of Latin America....I do not even come close to "blending" in with the I have never been treated like that incident in the video.....
PIGS are PIGS, no matter if they're "security" guards or carrying pistols and cuffs.

I would have said at least what David said (if not adding some bits) when some kid "security" guard was attempting to order me about.
"I don't recognize your authority" is enough these days to get a squad of "security" or "police" appearing.

I do not recall ANY news about David A. Coe in '08.
I LIKE THE DATE: 06/07/08!!
12/13/14 will be the last for some time unless Mother Nature or Human Nature b4 then ends it.

CHEERS!! :wavey:
I liked David Allan Coe's music earlier in his career before the outlaw, vulgar, crude style. He sang 'Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile" & showed real talent.