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Discussion in 'ATS' started by lowclearance, Jun 9, 2010.

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    Hello every one I am about start working with a company called ATS on a 12 month lease in the north east region, I was looking for some info on this company. Every thing I have been seeing is old posting in 07 and 08. If I can get some info from this year would be very helpful, thank u
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    You will really have to scope out the situation, but the northeast is where their best paying freight is. Its also where most of what I call their tarp thrashing loads are. If you got appropriate tarp pay or a fair percentage you might do very well. I guess they could feed you all their crap loads if you were on percentage, but I never heard anyone complain about that. They were pretty fair with the assignment of loads. My information is a little old. I've been away from ATS since 2005. Since then they have gone to a owner op only model similar to Prime. They recruited some former prime execs when I was there.
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    Low clearance, did u start with ATS yet? If so, how is it so far?

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