Been Here Done This Washed The T-Shirt And Called It A Day


TB Lurker
:bananapartyhat:Lets Start With I Worked Here 6 Years And Enjoyed All But The Last Few Months. The Trouble With This Company Is Only One. ROBERT SMITH Thinks Hes GOD At TLI As His Budy Is Mike Barr Pres. All I Did Was Fall Hit My Head Didn't Want To File W/C Claim But Was Made To Do So And Then Sent To A Doctor Who's Main Thing Is Botox Treatments Who Said There Was Not A Thing Wrong With Me. But I Filed For SSDI And Was Aproved In 2 Weeks Had My First Check In 45 Days But There Was Not A Thing Wrong With Me. Most People Have To Get A Lawyer And Wait 2-3 Years If They Are Lucky To Get SSDI. Don't Ever Get Hurt On The Job Or Your Out The Door. Then They Black Ball Your DAC Records. The Lady Who Owns TLI is Great But Robert Smith Does Things She Has No Clue About.
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