calling out DHL and the Union

The post about hourly pay was a bit of a laugh. A half hour here ($10.20) a half hour there (another gasp! ($10.20) makes me think the company is run by nickel pinchers. The company is concerned about the pennies they pay out. What is funny is they pay $.49 per mile. About 12 or 13 cents less per mile than any other legitamate LTL carrier. Based on an average 540 miles per run they have a competetive cost advantage of $65 or $70 in their pocket per lineal trip. The Teamsters at STDF have accepted the contract rate of pay. A few have left for better pay elsewhere. The company has pulled away from some of the less profitable business due to not being able to replace retirees and quitters. Few men will come work for the low pay here. According to the Freight Waves website ( Old Dominion freight has “smashed through” the 80 mark with an operating ratio of .787. A profit of $21.30 for every $100 of revenue. ODFL has been operating at .85 for 6 or 7 years. The comparison of pay package between the companies is apples to apples ODFL drivers make $29.73 per hour ( about $1700 per month more) STDF drivers make $20.39 per hour. ODFL pays 1/2 as much for retirement $85 vs $170 per week. Healthcare cost is close with ODFL drivers paying about $20 per week toward premiums. Either the STDF plea of poverty is a lie, or they are a poorly run operation. I don’t know what is holding DHL back, i don’t know how they hold the Teamsters at bay.