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TB Lurker
I was told by a driver that is retiring the Central States has not took a payment from YRC since 2009 if that's the case where is the money can anyone help me with it.
Current H&W Contribution Rate for the Central States Health & Welfare Plan (C-6 Plan for Freight) is $385.70 a WEEK per employee. The pension contribution to Central States Pension Plan is currently $92.00 a week (under the MOU) for YRCW employees and $342.00 a week for ABF Freight employees.

Note...Fringe Benefit contribution rates at YRCW companies will go up on August 1 of each year according to this schedule in the MOU...

Pension Contributions.
The Employer shall continue to make
contributions to the applicable pension funds or 401(k) plan at 25% of the 2009 rate,
consistent with the Restructuring Agreement. To the extent any health and welfare fund
needs less than $.60/hr on August 1, 2016, $.70/hr on August 1, 2017, or $.75/hr on
August 1, 2018, the amount less than $.60/hr, $.70/hr, or $.75/hr (as applicable) may be
directed by the applicable Supplemental Negotiating Committee to increase the
contribution rate for the corresponding pension fund or 401(k) plan.


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