ODFL | CFO gone to xpo

Our CFO gone to xpo of all things,,, I’m guessing he saw himself bouts to be canned for something and got out before that or been a retired?,, ain’t makin no sense you tell me,, No one leaves Od to go to a place like xpo.. it must be only a downgrade in life if you a driver,, that be like trading my hot wife in for a fat woman
He was smart i say because OD is not the same company when GG was running the show ,and WF DB was always mapping out the nation to make us who we are today for new runs and faster service days…teams,wild turns,meet points and weekend work,plus not to speak when a new terminal opens up guess who makes sure the Terminal has everything they need to make it profitable like routing,meet and turns to make shorter service days .Thats why he is was the Senior VP of Operations.People that leave OD to better themselves then good for them.But as for OD,,its a Sad Day.Because beware XPO will be in the same ranks as OD soon with NEW Operations on board. FYI: Before XPO they where CCX at that time they was the highest paid drivers in the LTL division hands down he will bring them back to that level again for sure.27yrs with OD and 12yrs SVO,So from a SVO to a COO . I will take that promotion any day thats a step up! and with your competitors.
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LMAO….OD just blew there face off.:duel:
Now OD will no longer be driven Operations but by Sales.Because COO (MF), decide for (GP) to be the CEO ? Not to say they do not have the skill set .BUT!!! DB got pushed aside by all means he was next in Kin.(probably slapped in his face).My question is how can you run a logistic company any without Operations in this company.NOW HES THE COO OF XPO.(whose face got slapped now)I'm sure he know's much more about things in OD than we do.Maybe he jumping off a sinking ship…who knows time will tell. But you will see a lot more XPO at you're meet and turn points due to their NEW OPERATIONS for sure. Thank you to DB X SVO & WF X CFO