SAIA | Changes in IVR

Brother Trucker

TB Regular
For those who use the IVR (that be mostly road drivers) What's your impressions thus far? Anybody have problems getting alarm codes as needed? Being a system driver and encountering dark terminals on a regular basis I can say so far so good.
The only time I needed it, it worked out well. HKY has a totally different code from everywhere else. I would not have known that otherwise. The only thing I can see that might be wrong is that it doesn't always tell the codes to my home terminal. It might only tell the codes during the times that particular terminal shows being closed on the employee login.
So far so good. In fact a few terminals that I have been to have a different gate code than the last terminal -- had no idea without that set up in the IVR. I guess it allows the company to have better security, which is a good thing. :thumbsup:
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