Estes | Clue Me In

Got a call today with an offer to do linehaul extra board out of West Middlesex.
He said I will leave Sunday and back on Friday,which is fine.
What kind of money can I expect?
Are the benefits any good?
What is the mileage rate for linehaul?
I am definitely interested but he wants me to "stop by" to talk to him about the details.
If you guys can clue me in, then I can decide if it's worth a shot or not.
I make pretty good money now,but don't get any home time.
If I can make about the same money and get a couple days a week at home, I will probably take it.
Help me out fellas!!! :iamnotworthy:
Benefits are good and the work is easy. I made over $70k when I ran extraboard. Home every weekend. A full weekend nearly 3 days. You'll be spoiled like the rest of us in a few years :biglaugh:
That's right in the ballpark of where I want to be money wise.
I made more here last year but was only home like once a month.
I miss my family time and am more than willing to lose some money so I can be home with my kids.
It sounds pretty good to me.
I just don't believe ANYTHING unles I hear it from the drivers. :shift:
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