Cool vehicles

I've watched quite a few of those pulls and they're looking more and more dangerous for spectators as the power increases, I've seen some close calls.

I assume the rules require a containment for moving parts similar to drag car rules. I blew up a clutch pressure plate on a drag strip when I was quite young. Fortunately I had a scatter shield around the flywheel/clutch. I had the stock cast iron flywheel housing that broke but a steel 180 degree housing saved my legs. I doubt I would have had the shield if NHRA rules did not require it. I was not afraid of nothing back then, only thought of ways to go faster. I had thrown the lining off several clutch discs but had never had the pressure plate to grenade itself.

This was at the truck show in Colfax, might work for Supercourse a"tin grill"

My dad had a 3/4 ton Dodge weapons carrier similar to this.
Flat head 6, PTO driven winch that makes todays 10k# electric winches look like toys.
Our fishing buggy on the outer banks in the 50s.