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    Only have about 2 months of experience. Just got not fired, but disqualified to continue working with the company Celadon. Past month got in 3 accidents, one i backed into a fence post, the other my tandems got stuck in a ditch. Last one I hit an awning and damaged the tractor, which is when I was let go recently. Sounds very irresponsible but I really love trucking and willing to do anything to get a second shot at it. Will do a refresher course or anything it takes. Give me a call at +14699291209. I was actually going to go team status before the last incident happen but I do have a fellow friend who’s willing to team. Thanks
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    Unfortunately those incidents are probably on your Dac / hire right report. Your best chance is to apply at a carrier that doesn't use the above providing there were no police reports for any of the 3 incidents
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    Were you trained by Celadon? If so you may well have a substantial BILLING from them for Training Costs which, along with your Accidents on your P.S.A. and related Public Information Channels (D.A.C./HireRight/Other) WILL FOLLOW YOU.

    Because you quickly received LEVEL 3 or 4 Safety Rating which I'm sure was from the Fence Post and Awning activities.
    IF just 1 or 2 were D.O.T. REPORTABLE, you're DONE in Trucking for at least 1-3 years.
    YES it glaringly appears as such.
    I will surmise that you failed to heed these 2 rules:
    2) GET OUT AND LOOK (G.O.A.L.)
    which may very well have eliminated ALL misadventures.
    - - - -
    Not every Truck Driving Applicant is accepted as confirmed by countless Orientations.
    Not Every Truck Driving Trainee passes Training because too many just fail to LISTEN.
    Few succeed to 1 year Experience.
    Trucking is NOT a Unemployable Solution.
    Sorry Mate but you're a SUCCESSFUL FAILURE.
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