R&L | Dfw is offering $7500 sign on

There is nothing worth hiring into this industry.

If I go back into trucking (Ignoring for the moment all of the existing medical stuff that disqualifies me from trucking).. it will be with high dollar pharmacy only and it will be a minimum of 3500 dollar salary per week, off between 20 November to Feb 20. They can do wahtever with the truck.

The word salary means one number. Gross pay 3500 minus my self directed amounts to withold above and beyond legally required deductions top to bottom will come up with a number net check somewhere above 2000.00 US. Probably closer to 2500.00 weekly.

No minimums, no gotchas, no safety bonus no nothing. If I cut a tire and its 550 for a new replacement tire, bill me. I'll take my lumps.

No forced dispatch etc. I will arrive at the yard and there will be a row of trailers going wherever. One of those I will pick and be gone. It will be there sunrise next morning. And I require endless fuel and idling. None of that eco bullshit for billions of dollars every year in high value freight.

One final condition on salary, you tie it to COLA for SSA and for VA mandatory benefits. That way when THEY increase it whatever percentage the company increases the salary annually by that same amount.

Bonus signon will be 20,000 payable in cash immediate by bank wire as soon I am handed fuel cards, keys and so on to the truck. I will witness them wire the money ACH Swift into my checking.

Then Dispatch can get started and know that with exception of required logs hours which will be to the minute and all the other stuff I will be their bitch. No complaining.

One final condition. I reserve the right to use the word No. If a suit asks or orders me or assigns or whatever and if there is a very valid reason why it wont work out, I will employ the word no.

Fantasy huh? Its really nice staying home schelpping clients as a caregiver on minimum wage in my state thats 12.00 a hour and no Covid anything. Much more nicer and profitable.
Is it worth it??? Are they hurting that bad for drivers??
Never worked out of DFW but Ive seen nothing but complaints from the guys on here that do. A lot of hard long days from the looks of it. Unfortunately for you, the one guy that probably could have told you better got himself banned from this site so not sure if any other DFW guys are on here.
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