FedEx Freight | Difference between Road / Linehaul Driver


TB Lurker
Can anyone tell me the difference, if any, between a Road Driver @ Freight and a Linehaul Driver @ Natl???

Such as pay, amount of time working the dock???

As a recent new hire as a Road Driver @ Freight I drive 45 miles to another terminal and work the dock for 8 hours....maybe Linehaul drivers @ Natl. do not work the dock???
Road drivers are what AF called there non city drivers Line drivers are what Viking called theirs. Watkins which is now FXN called theirs line drivers too. Not sure on the dock thing everywhere. We don't work it much but there are only 2 terminals in my state so we don't go through other yards where you might have to work the dock. We all just do turns except for a few lays and those runs are so long you can't work the dock after. :shift:
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