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Anyone know how to access the employee handbook? Trying to understand how vacation accrual works I've been here 8 months somehow have 8hrs seems fishy
Depending on your start date, you will earn up to one week of paid
vacation your first year. You accrue vacation for each full week worked
during your first calendar year of employment. You will be eligible to take
this vacation at any time during that fiscal calendar year after you have
successfully completed the introductory period. However, actual scheduling
of time off for vacation must have the approval of management. You will
not be entitled to any vacation during the first calendar year if you do not
successfully complete the introductory period or if the introductory period
is not completed before December 1st of your first calendar year.
• In all subsequent years, vacation is earned based upon each full week
of employment that you work during the year.
• In your second through your ninth calendar year of employment, you
will earn two weeks of vacation.
• In your tenth through your seventeenth years, you will earn three
weeks of vacation.
• In your eighteenth and subsequent years, you will earn four weeks of
Vacation must be taken during the fiscal year in which it is earned.
Vacation days for any calendar year may be taken before they have actually
been earned. Where permitted by applicable law, any wages paid for
vacation which have been taken but not earned, will be deducted from your
final paycheck if your employment terminates before the vacation is earned.
Likewise, any vacation earned but not taken will be paid at termination of
employment. Employees granted an approved leave of absence for more
than 21 calendar days will not earn vacation during their leave for all pay
periods following the 21st day off work. Any vacation days taken in excess of
the annual earned amount will be deducted via payroll upon the employee’s
return to work. Hourly employees with eighteen or more years of service
will be paid up to five earned, but unused vacation days. This time, will be
paid out in January of the following calendar year. Employees must be an
active Dayton Freight Lines employee on the date of distribution in order to
receive the vacation payout. Time paid will be base using current hourly rate
or miles calculation, all taxes and 401(k) deductions, if applicable, will be
withheld from these earnings.
Vacations can be a time of refreshment and renewal. We encourage
all employees to take their vacations as earned. Unused vacation days
cannot be carried over to the next year.
That is not a very generous plan On how long it takes to earn weeks of vacation. And if you retire in January after 20 years of service, you have no vacation accrued. At my company I have 4 weeks accrued and owed me on january 1st of each year. Retire on January 2nd and they owe me 4 weeks.
Totally agree. Between this and paying for your own short and long term disability insurance I’m beginning to wonder if it was a good choice
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