Estes | Estes going electric.


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Seems on Estes newest company video they are heading toward electric themselves at least out in cummifornia. If the trucking companies would ban together they could shut down and put the hurt on California and their green globalist agenda. Give in and they keep making it more unprofitable.
I can't imagine how well electrics trucks will do when it's extremely cold outside.
FedEx Freight bought a few electric Peterbilts and Kenworths, and some yard tractors. A few of them went to Milwaukee. I'll have to ask one of the Milwaukee drivers about it. It got pretty cold there this month.

From what I've heard, I don't see them being useful for anything. 140 mile range, takes over 4 hours to fully charge, so not practical at all for linehaul. They are all tandems, daycabs, but built on a sleeper frame to accommodate the extra weight and size of the battery. Long wheelbase is not practical for most P&D runs. It doesn't do anything well, and nothing it can do or is capable of doing is better than a diesel.
Tow companies may benefit from these trucking companies trying to appease the tree worshippers. Id like to have the money these companies waste on stupidity.