Estes | Estes Reduces LTL Transit Time

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Unfortunately you are right about that. And no matter what rules there are, sat and sun come around and none apply. Even the best lots look like crap then.

Even 1-3 am on weekdays are bad in places like Indy and Chicago. Main problem, bottom line..... to much metal and not enough concrete to park it on !

I think that's at least half the issue we're having as a company. How many of our terminals are outdated? I'm sure more than a few of you have been thru 024 in the past few weeks. We're simply out of room. Dock wise and Yard wise. Things have seemed to slow up this week compared to the past few weeks, but we could easily use another 50 doors and a yard twice the size we have now. I guess it's just easier to try and stuff 10 gallons of ::shit:: into a 5 gallon bucket, than actually come to terms that alot of us have outgrown our facilities.
They must of really started slamming the freight thru 024. Another driver and I were just talking about 024 last night, and found it hard to picture that yard , hard to get around in. We come to the conclusion that you guys are lucky to have the space you do, as it's probably 2 if not 3 times bigger than let's say CHICAGO or INDY. I guess from what I have heard even WES SEX yard fills up pretty good any more. It's hard to picture this scenario, when just 6 months ago we were twiddling our thumbs wondering who would be next for R I F !!!
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