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EVERETT,WA - Train and Semi Collide


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nchw7q.jpg - Local news: Train, semi collide on Everett waterfront


Only The DEAD Know The End Of WAR!
Apparently the driver couldn't SEE to the right or didn't bother looking?? I wonder HOW the driver didn't HEAR THE TRAIN HORN??
Was the Train using a Cloaking Device? How dark was it Thursday morning. 9:40 a.m. collision??
The driver was taken to a local hospital as a precaution.
--a Psychological evaluation should be mandatory for truck drivers in train-truck accidents/wrecks because it's NOT the fault of the Engineers!!--
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Oh my a look at this crash scene one would have thought that trucker was really hurt bad?

Yes I do agree with you Cerberus_Kelpie 9:40 am should have been light enough to see that big choo choo chugging down the tracks.
Unless it was very foggy,or could be even if it wasn't foggy,perhaps this trucker was sleepy,and in a fog of his own?

I found an update with a raw video>

I see in the video that the crossing arm is upright,so this may come down to the Rail Roads fault for a gate malfunction.
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