FedEx Freight | FedEx cuts full-year revenue forecast, shares plunge

sometimes your better off dancing with the devil you know, selling off freight could be a bigger disaster than leaving it alone for now. IMHO
I can see it now, Swifty/Knight Freight lines

On the side of the trucks going down the road:9529::biglaugh:
Sure, I bet our health insurance would be better.

Yeah, I can't wait to lose my direct deposit take a pay cut and no overtime, with higher insurance deductibles. On top of that, our trucks will be 15 years old and held together with duct tape.

The fact is, Fedex is one of the better LTL companies. Of course that can be doing more, but to think somebody is going to buy freight just to take care of the employees is delusional.
First person I've ever heard of mention "direct deposit" as a significant "benefit". I always thought FedEx was out of touch using direct deposit in recruiting ads, while not mentioning OT. Guess I was wrong...


Last I heard, Central doesn't do direct deposit. I don't consider it a benefit, but a convenience. I don't want to upload a picture of my check and wait 3 business days for it to clear and the worst case scenario (which has happened to me) losing the check somewhere along the line.
1st... Do corporations typically sell off there most profitable segment... Clearly not largest segment...but year after year post great numbers... Now with the whole synergy thing and working more with ground it seems they have found something that works ito their benefits... As much as I didn't like pulling ground trailers and rail work, it kept me working and a lot of others at my barn that would have been starved out or forced furloughed.
Could things be better? Oh yes... I despise our insurance... Leadership is a struggle...
But talking to other folks... Same story different color shirt...
I had a choice coming into it that not long ago... I chose freight.. for the line item comparison they ranked at the top of the list. I can't say much has changed... I wouldn't leave for the other ltls...
But I will continue to push for better health coverage and benefits. Personally, that's my biggest fault with the company.
Good luck fellas... I think it's probably going to get worse before it gets better 😕
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