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I just watched the show "Jobsite" on the history channel and this episode focused on Fedex (it's probably a rerun). I was wondering if anybody else had seen this.

It was mainly about the international package shipping side of Fedex. I thought it was pretty interesting. They said when the planes are loaded and up every night they also send up about a dozen empty planes scattered around the country just to fly around in case they are needed in some area because of overflow shipments, they are already in the air and can be called in and on the ground in a short amount of time so as to keep the "guaranteed next day by 10:30AM" schedule.

They also had camera's inside the Memphis sorting facility at the height of the rush, somewhere around 1:00 in the morning. The enormous, mountainous pile of boxes and packages they showed going through there being sorted was staggering to look at.

I saw it this morning amazing that they can get a box from around the world with such precision and here at National the terminals don't even remember to cover a run!!!
They did that here this morning too, driver that got called to cover the run they forgot was 3 hours late. :P

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