Feds looking in on Sysco's hours of service violations.

Hopefully I'll put and end to this topic here:

Driver CSA points go on a PSP, or Pre-Employment Screening Program report. Crash indicator data stays on your PSP for 5 years, and roadside inspection data stays on for 3. You can order a copy of your PSP here:


I am fully aware of the PSP report, just pulled a copy of mine last month. It does not assign a score or apply points to a driver.
Sysco pushes us, just like all companies do, they don't want us going in violation, but the job needs to get done.

They can edit logs and do.

Friday morning I ran out of hours, however I continued home, the XATA system we run offered me a 16 hr day, so I accepted, however, I was over my 60 hrs, it threw me in violation. Had I stopped and said I was out of hrs, which I had every right to do, I would have had to ride back with someone I didn't trust, I wasn't willing to do that so in the name of self preservation I went home. The thing is I was in violation and my esteemed mgmt at Sysco will make it all go away because I got the job done. I won't hear a word about it.

On snowpack and ice I trust only me, and Friday I was second guessing myself, so for me and mine I did the right thing by continuing on.
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