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Discussion in 'AAA Cooper Transportation' started by kenneth, Aug 25, 2011.

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    Today I was sitting inline for a pick-up..This man drives by&stop's..He say's he work's for AAA & was lost..Now,he just pull'd out from a bussiness that a AAA driver was at..He ask'd me for direction's back to the Hwy&to get to another town.I was nice&help'd him out..But,really !!..Why didn't he just ask his on
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    He probably already asked 3 people before he asked you. I've given directions before and the guy asked somebody else before leaving the room. Some need to hear it more than once before they actually believe it.
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    some folks can.t get out of their own yard w/o help. I was on the yard in atl. ( moreland ave) inside the loop and a driver wanted to know how to get to I-285, ?????? I was like HOW DID YOU GET HERE ?

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