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Hey all. This is my first post on the Truckingboards although I have been visiting for months now. My hubby is (at least for the moment) a Vitran driver in the Northeast. I've been busy getting info (like pulling teeth) regarding Central's health insurance and other stuff and would gladly pass it on if you're interested. As a Vitran wife currently, soon to be a Central wife ... I'd be happy to help. Give a yell!

Editing to add the web site to check out providers and stuff: www.phcs.com (choose the Multi-Plan option). Hope that helps! I also have a phone number for the Benefits Dept. if you want to make inquiries directly.

Also editing to add (per a suggestion on the boards) that you should always call each provider just to make sure because, even though they may be on the list provided, that doesn't guarantee it's not an error.
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