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I guess I'll be the first to post here in the Roehl Thread with a greeting to all the Roehl drivers!! I start school soon and am looking forward to talking with everyone who has Roehl experience and tips... I think we all appreciate truth, but lets keep it positive. We all know life has bitterness and blessing so lets keep that in mind as we share our experiences.

Thanks in advance to anyone who cares to comment!
hello crawler i am joining the team as well i am going to be going into the flatbed division and dont have a date yet for orientation but hopefully soon
My husband works for Roehl. He has been there for 4 years now. He started out right after driving school, and has stayed on ever since. He originally started out on the 7/7 fleet and just recently (March) started working 14/7. If anyone needs any advice or information about working for Roehl, let me know. I can tell you how much to expect to make based on him, how many miles a week to expect, the major problems (like crappy trucks that take away your miles each week because you are stuck in break down all the time), etc. :-) Overall it is a great company and we are happy. We just wish he could make more money. :-( His normal bring home pay over the past 3 years has only been about $20,000 per year on 7/7. We're hoping to bring home closer to $30,000 with 14/7 but we'll see.
Hi melissajoy1234. I joined truckingboards as a fact finding mission in regards to Swift and Roehl. I just received my CDL in MI and am looking at these two companys to work for. For Roehl it would be 14/7. Slipseating with two other drivers. After six months they said I could have my own truck to take home doing 7/3. Swift says after 240 hours with a mentor I get my own truck and will get home 1 day after working six. Any thoughts or advice on these two companys?
With now 5 1/2 years experience, your husband should be able to find a local job that pays more than $30,000 per year. OTR needs to pay above $60,000 per year to make it worth while. I have had local jobs that pay about $50,000 per year with weekends off and sleeping in my own bed every night. However most local jobs require at least a little work besides driving. There are too many who only want to drive and they pay for that with depressed wages.
Any news here? I have been recommended to Roehl to start trucking.....looks like the drivers are too busy knocking down miles to post here??? lol
I find it most helpful to use Gross figures in regards to pay. To many variables in what is deducted to make take home a good yardstick.
Just my 2 cents
Look up at the LTL boards and do yourself a favor, to make money, geez OTR has not got better since I started 18 years ago, and I only spent a couple of months away from the Wife then got a local job that paid more then staying out all week for nothin.