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As pissy as these folks are getting about the phones as if late, my buddy Jumpy from CLE inspired me to get my ham liscense.

Fellas, talk about cool. I love it. We cantalk on the radio 100 miles away from each other on certain repeaters.

I recommend it to everyone. My ham radio is strapped to the top of the cb and I have a mag mount ham antenna on the roof of the truck.

The radio I have can listen and talk to the company radios at the terminals too.
Spelling isn't my forte. Not hard to get your ticket, just pass a written multiple chioce test.
I actually got a general class ticket.
Best part Morse Code is no longer needed to upgrade or get a advanced or general license(ticket)
Check out for info
Many communities have Ham Radio Clubs that will even sponsor classes to help you learn the material needed to pass the test. These same groups will then point you to the right place to take your test. A couple weeks looking at a book . If you know anything about electrical theory . That's have the battle right there .
On certain bands under certain conditions you can talk not only several miles, similar to a CB,on repeters, and even around the world. I was doing a net one night on a repeater (a device that boosts
signals.) Someone checked in from the other side of the world. It was neat.
There are some repeaters that are linked to the internet and make it possible to access other like repeaters anywhere in the world just by pressing a few keys on your microphone.
Try a google search "Ham Radio" You could even define the search to the area you live in.
If you're into things like Emergency Management ,Stuff like that ,Many,city and county groups depend on Ham Radio,
hams as well as the Natl Weather Service . There are groups of trained weather spotters that help the
NWS with eyes on the street. It's tornado season now. The group I'm with does this. Just ask the
people in Mississippi.
And by the way my thoughts to all of those people .
If I may I'll correct the URL from before . It's ARRL.ORG
The storm nets are neat to listen too. You hear first hand the info before the National Weather Service does. I need to get involved here in Akron about being a spotter. I've had my "ticket" for 9 years but still have the tech license. I need to bump up since the morse code requirement is gone.

Anyone anywhere around Dayton Ohio May 14th thru the 16th. There is a HAM RADIO Show ,displays you name it. This is a world famous get together. Any and all the info you'll ever want to know.People from ALL OVER THE WORLD visit and display at the show every year.
Lots of displays of different types of equipment ,both old and new,for sale .
Don't plan on booking a room anywhere near Dayton during this time. I can tell you for a fact ,during that time if one really looked at the vehicles in the area,one would see all kinds of antennas on vechicles in the area during the show.
I have the 13th and 14th off and plan to attend. Don't need a room since I only live 40 miles from there.

It will be a great chance to learn.

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