FedEx Freight | HIRED!!

The position is for city driver but I will be working the dock for awhile so who knows when I will be driving. But thats ok its getting my foot in the door!! Man I tell you that is one big barn!!! Thanks for the welcome!!!!
Thanks everyone! I ended up starting my training today the assistant TM called me back yesterday and said he really wanted me to start today so that was even better. :thumbsup:
Well caveman I have been inprocess for a month now I BELIEVE I will get "the call" this week. CONGRATS !!
Although I am not a city driver, I have always felt that they are the back bone of the company. They are the ones that the public sees everyday on the streets. They are also the ones who has to deal with the customers. Never forget, its the customers who make this all possible. Handle the customers freight like it was our own, and remember to always work safely. There will be times when management, the general public or the customers will ruffle your feather. This is the time when you have to show you are a professional driver and not lose your cool. This is easier said that done, but it is what separates the professionals from the want-a-bee's. Let us know how your doing Cave Man, TP
I have been waiting 3 weeks to hear something after interview, road test, drug screen, & physical. last I heard was they were doing back ground check. Anyone know how long this could take.
I just kept calling the HOUR person @ KCY till we knew it took 4 weeks. So hang in there. I think only 1 person is handling this @ corporate. Ton of people gettin hired right now. I start Mon night. Hang in there.
[quote author=thebeerboy link=topic=80251.msg836228#msg836228 date=1276116880]
Dumb phone .. Ment hr person

There ya go beerboy, blame it on the phone :biglaugh:
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