FedEx Freight | How bout that cook out


TB Lurker
Is any body in CHR interested in getting a cook out together and everybody with bikes, ride them. Or we can invite everybody and see how many we can get together from every terminal and make a weekend of it.:bgroovy:
I don't have a bike but I sure would like to eat some bar be que. Chigger, I could ask Cricket to bring something if you want. Just let me know. You know how he likes to eat.
I know thats right driver. It really would be good to do something like this and everybody just have fun. I might have to inquire about a pig.
It would be nice to get everybody together out of uniform and just kick back and have some fun. Let me know and I'll help out if it's a go.
Putting a face to a username? I don't know if that's a good Where would you have it? up on the parkway maybe?
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