ODFL | How many of you do your......

Sometimes a person’s demeanor and constant bulldog attitude play a part too. I wasn’t given the name Mad Dawg because I came in skipping, singing tiptoe through the tulips. My loads were ready, my paperwork was ready.

I was not allowed on the dock for threatening the dockworkers. If my loads went beyond my gate time, oops traffic problems. I’d lay down in Eugene. The freight I pulled has to be Seattle that night. I got a verbal for hitting the line haul manager and knocking the wind out of him. Geez brother, I was just joking. If I came in and was sent home because of the mountain pass being closed or no freight, no problem put me down for 4 hours of hourly pay, laugh at them and go home. Other driver’s were scared to do that.

This is what is meant by playing the game by their rules. Now I know that there’s people that would think why didn’t you get fired. Why, because I came in to run a route that our newer drivers wouldn’t. 5 months of chaining, sometimes 4 times a day. They never knew that I carried cheater chains in the cab. Specifically made each fall for me by my local hardware store. You get me out on time and I am back ahead of my projected arrival time. They knew that I was old school.