FedEx Freight | Hurricane Florence

This one is older, but still. Must see...

Media integrity? Ha

Again, I’m not saying Hurricane Florence isn’t a serious storm for those in the direct path, just pointing out how pathetic some media outlets are when it comes to covering such events!!
Thought I’d provide an update for those of you who are curious about how things are going so my neighborhood we’ve had a few trees downed but nothing we can’t handle....

I wonder who gets to pick the new scents on the trees and decides which ones to get rid of. who came up with "new car scent" which doesn't even smell like a new car. belongs in a taxi to mask the smell of puke after a fri. or sat. nite
Media hype as usual! I evacuated JAX a couple years back for what was billed as worst to hit JAX ever. Turned out to be a joke. Soon as it was about to hit dead on, it just traveled up the coast with minor flooding and some downed trees
These news outlets thrive on getting folks panties in a bunch
Saw a video yesterday of a Weather Channel reporter acting like the wind was nearly blowing him over. Then you see 2 people walk past behind him,and they aren’t showing any signs of wind.
My security cams, it rained like this most of the day Saturday and Sunday and I was 150 miles from the storm
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