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Discussion in 'Southeastern Freight Lines' started by superdave, May 18, 2012.

  1. superdave

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    Just saw LandSpan pulling a set of ya'lls. What gives?
  2. hotrod81

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    Landspan is not the only one. i know for a fact arnold transportation is pulling them too. i was told they were just moving equipment around. But still doesnt make any sense. Southeastern also use to put there empty trailers on the railroad to shuttle them too. youll see everything over here. alot of it dont make no sense.
  3. Redskins

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    It's SEFL's way not to hire drivers cause they are not confident the freight volumes will continue. This way instead of breaking a "no layoff" policy they only have to tell the contractors bye bye....but nevermind the fact that we leave city guys home rotating , or only give a linehaul driver 200 miles one night while these contractors are pulling frieght our own drivers should be pulling.

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