ODFL | I81 Accident

My heart is heavy with sorrow for the lives lost in this tragic accident, including the family dog. Such a sudden and heart-wrenching event leaves an immeasurable void, and I share in the deep grief that permeates during this time.

My thoughts are first with the team at Old Dominion Freight Line — those in the safety, breakdown, and Linehaul departments who faced the challenging task of processing this devastating event. Their strength during this trying time speaks to their dedication and commitment.

Additionally, acknowledgment goes out to the first responders who bravely navigated the aftermath of such a heart-rending scene. Their unwavering commitment, in the face of such adversity, is a testament to their strength and professionalism. The emotional toll of these circumstances is immense, and I deeply appreciate their dedication.

Having been on the receiving end of these calls before, I understand how it completely alters everything one had planned for the day, shifting the entire focus to the unfolding event and the meticulous procedures that follow. I can imagine that for some leaders, seeing certain names or numbers calling their cell phones late in the evening immediately signals that something grave has occurred.

With heartfelt sympathy.
Our condolences from everyone here at FedEx Freight. I saw the aftermath and it made me ill. I feel for everyone involved and affected by this tragedy. It makes you think and appreciate every night you come home to your loved ones. Stay safe out there fellow drivers
Live each day to its fullest. Always leave the home kissing and hugging your family. Take the time before you gate to say a simple prayer not only for your safety but for those on the highway that you encounter and your family. When you get home, thank the Lord for bringing you back.
Year’s ago pulling a set of triples, on the south side going down Robert’s Hill. It has a long climb and a steep downgrade with a cliff and a long tight curve. The speed limit is lowered so that there’s no rollovers. Anyway, I had a pickup pulling a RV trailer lose control and smashed into my back trailer. She was going way to fast. I had hazmat in the trailer and it could’ve been a lot worse. She received multiple tickets.
My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the family, fellow employees and friends of these people.
You never know when it is your time. My son in laws brothers wife just died in a freak accident. At a tractor pull turbo gave out and a part came across the track and killed her where she sat. Her husband and both of her kids watched her die. She was 33. Live life to its fullest always say I love you to your significant other. You never know when it is your time. Never met the girl but had a tear in my when my daughter told me. Peace to all, we are all brothers out here. Wave to me when I go by. Love you all! RIP driver.
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