R&L | info on a former employee


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Were i work we have a mechanic manager named Pat B. says he worked here for years . Why did ya fire this piece of work now we have the problem child :rant:

Please no last names . Thanks
If it is who I think your talking about you're lucky to have him. R&l f-ed him over after he refused to screw over a regional manager'
What do you mean by "mechanic manager",local,regional or corporate level ?
I'd gladly work for the Pat B. I know of.
He was a stand up guy,and would tell you how it was when asked directly. And as Testcase said, he got screwed.
I never saw Pat run anyone tha didn't need it. Do your job the way it is suppose to be done you will never have a problem with him.

I don't know your "great" mechanics so I have no idea if the deserved to be run off or not, but I do know Pat's character. And I know for a fact R&L got rid of him for NOT screwing over a Mechanic
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