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FEDEX FREIGHT Interesting deliveries...

Discussion in 'Fedex Freight' started by WornOut, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. WornOut

    WornOut Active Member

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    Hello out there to all my fellow associates in the Purple Paradise....
    I was wondering what is the most interesting deliveries you have made? Anybody deliver to the White House, Pentagon?, Fort Knox? etc....
    Ive delivered to the federal reserve in my town, no biggie, they just lock you up in a building and inspect you, then open the door and let you out...been to a strategic petroleum reserve, where they put a dog in the trailer, and they have machine gun nests all around the property, cool....
    Pretty much the same at military installations... Lets hear some cool stories...:couch:
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  2. FDV

    FDV Not Skippy

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    I once delivered 500 lbs of ephedra to a mini storage unit. Nothing else in it. Seemed kinda strange at the time. It never occurred to me until years later that I probably delivered the main ingredient to a meth lab.
  3. Guardrail

    Guardrail I live Here

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    I hauled explosives for 2 years. I made many deliveries to military bases, including Ft. Knox. After a while, it seemed normal to be searched. We should probably keep it limited to FedEx deliveries to keep this post from getting moved. ;)
  4. Twice Pipes

    Twice Pipes Well-Known Member

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    My most interesting delivery was years ago when I drove for Disalve Trucking. I had the Hollywood, Beverly Hills route. I had my trusty steed an Isuzu Bobtail. I was in the Hollywood Hills with twenty cases of wine looking at a long winding driveway up hill. I walked to the top and told the man what I had. He said drive my truck up the hill and park it on top. There's no place to turn around. The man pointed to a round wooden disk in the ground. He pushed a button and it started turning. I drove up the driveway, unloaded the wine and he turned the truck around. Now that was a cool delivery. TP

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