jumping on the wagon


TB Lurker
I heard that some low level management and supervisors have approached local 107 with the idea of jumping on the VICTORY BAND WAGON. I guess they're worried about their longevity given the fact that it's only a formality once the judge rules in favor of the union. That explains why I can still hear the crickets!!!!! I LOVE BEING A TEAMSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel so good about myself right now. Sitting on the back veranda...,.listening to all the crickets under the white snow!!!!! Counting my blessings just like the judge will be counting the votes...God Bless Us All....and Local 107 Too!!!!!!!!!
DarkSky, Can you feel the LOVE.... All those no votes shoving it to you and the rest of your management buddies that hide behind the keyboards because you're so ashamed of what you stand for and how you've treated the men that USED to make you look good to corporate. Well Darksky, I got some news for ya, things are gonna change and I have this gut feeling that you may not have that money to get that ear pierced like your idol....you'll need the cash to buy some copy paper to mail out your resumes!!!!
This is funny....union hands pretending to be NCT workers just to get crap started....to think you used to have to feed mill rumors before the internet....
Hey Teamster forever,I did some Old School Piercing back in the day Ya think I could pierce his ear I wont even charge him,we can take him out to the shop put his head on a steel bench and use a Steel Punch and Hammer !!!:bat:
Old warlock something tells me your hammer and nails days have long passed you by. But just in case I am always around if you want to take a shot at the CHAMP !!
Hey Warlock, I didn't know you were into CHICKEN FIGHTS???? I'll bet if you did challenge him he would wear a mask to even hide his identity !!!!!! CHAMP OF THE MASQUERADE BALL!!!!