Just a few more day's


Pray for peace!
We only a a few more day's to see what Captain Bill will do next to bring down uss yrcw.

The water is pouring in. We'll see if there are enough Teamsters with pails to bail his sorry @ss out again!


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Clubber lang..........clubber lang....can we have a prediction for the outcome..."you want a prediction"...."paaaaain"...

There will be no winners...yes vote ..they say means yrc will stay around.....but with the blood of more terminal closures and possible whole companies...

No vote says--going out of business.

Next 2 quarters will be very painful again--4th and 1st are always the worst....yrc has proven it cannot make money..it will be guaranteed the next 6 quarters again to lose money... I personally dont believe one word tyson says and zollars is doing his "tommy two step dance" every word..


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nothing will change , thye will just come back with a new offer and it will pass !!!