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karma for a confused company ?

Discussion in 'New Century Transportation' started by uwork4me, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. uwork4me

    uwork4me Active Member

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    How about NCTY define what the heck they are looking to do. How about you have an identity ? Try communicating upper Management !!!!..... They went through so many changes the last 3-4 years, IPO--never happened, cut salariers, raised insurance, refinanced or would have went out of business, fired Harry and most of the people of created the company, cut the fat in sales, operations, management and customer service. The new managements attitude is... its our way or the highway, you dont like it ..leave, too bad !! oh yeah, and your not getting your money back that we promised to give back.... So you have to ask yourself NCTY....did you do this to yourself and IS this cry for help to the teamsters...... KARMA ?

    Theres too much of a dissconnect from the mothership !!:hide: and i'll have to side wth the 107----GOOD LUCK ON THE VOTE !!!
  2. Unionlife

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    One more thing I see...I'm reporting you

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