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YRC Keeping iT Simple !

Discussion in 'YRC Freight' started by j-dawg50, Nov 9, 2013.

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    Even if the company is broke and losing money to debt they already have and cannot repay. Some people gets annoyed when it is pointed out that YRC attempted to buy ABF earlier in the year and now they are crying we need help with our debt from the rank and file now. They call people stupid for thinking the company has money and defends this attempt @ buying ABF as nothing but 3rd party lenders money or credit extended from banks or other sources. Now in saying all of this to SIMPLY SAY ; IF A COMPANY CAN GET 3RD PARTY MONEY OR CREDITORS TO TRUST THEIR ABILITY TO BUY ANOTHER COMPANY WITH THE USE OF CREDIT WHILE OWNING OVER 1 BILLION DOLLARS IN CURRENT DEBT!!!!!!!WHY CAN'T THEY USE THESE SAME RESOURCES TO EXTEND THE PAYMENTS ON THE CURRENT LOANS THEY HAVE WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM THE TEAMSTERS??? ....any way U slice it YRC is blowing smoke up the back end of the Teamsters!!! Remember most of Us has loved ones who worked hard and sacrificed something far greater than the money $$$$$ we are losing now.....( They Sacrificed Their Health & To Some Their Life ) for what has now become a Bad Joke as to what we are allowing YRC to just have their way with no resistance what so ever!!!!!.......At some point all dreams end but reality is for ever.....YRC will only continue to diminish our VALUE AS A UNION each day if we don't stand up now........And that my brothers & sisters is REALITYY!!!!
    Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention: At the same time they are need extention approval " The Freight Flow that was taken from 511 will magically return effective immediately ...per Terminal Manager..
    Do they really think we are that Stupid ?
    Yes !



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