FedEx Freight | KW city tractors

Which brand transmission is in these trucks ?
My Eaton could not even be fixed by Peterbilt or Eatons dealer help line.
Nobody wants to work on them just want to replace parts.
Its electrical and not just anyone can or will mess with it.

KW city tractors = JUNK !​

Give me a old Red Volvo was my favorite ❤️
I knew we were doomed when one of the VP wizards made a visit and said,and I quote" the biggest distraction in the cab of a tractor is that stick in the floor". Stick in the floor, at that exact moment someone who shall remain anonymous spoke up and said yep, it would be better off up your A$$.
Yes I do and dearly loved that truck , was sad to see her go.
Hated the KW's and the Peinisbuilts , I'd take that old INTL
Rxx over the last two. Give me my Volvo Go Go . She was a
good baby.
As a newbie, I was assigned every night to run the ol international.. not too fun the 1st go around trying to get familiar with tractor at night.. took the next day while daylight to give it the once over... It seemed once I started to like the tractor, clean it out and make it " mine" ..of course it got assigned to somewhere else... I should have continued to complain about the tractor like everyone else did..
I wouldn't have minded keeping that unit... It kept everyone else away cause they hated to use their left leg and right hand.. lol
I think someone thought they would get one over on the new guy... But I was brought up running old IH grain trucks before I could drive my pick up on the road (legally)
Miss those days