AAA Cooper | Linehaul Charlotte NC

Cave Man

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Hey everyone, I saw that the Charlotte Location had a posting on the website for Linehaul drivers. If anyone could fill me in on some info as far as what the mileage pay is at AAA and the amount of days you’re gone a week? Thank you!
I’m not going to talk down a company. I will say I worked AAA Cooper for 10 years. I worked dock in Greensboro went to Charlotte worked dock and come back to my home terminal Greensboro. There are much better companies. I left AAA Cooper and went to Abf. I would go with Abf or Estes instead of Cooper. Cooper expects a lot of free work from you. Like breaking down pups and building sets. Estes old dominion and Abf pay much better and when you break down pups and hook up pups you get paid to do it
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