SEFL | Linehaul questions


TB Regular
How is linehaul dispatched? Do the runs go by seniority order and can the driver pic the run they want in order of seniority? Im looking into the Florence DC barn.
There's different schedules available. There's fast turns home everyday. Many are set runs bid on twice a year by seniority. There's slow turns home every other day. Some of these are set runs and some are wild. There 3/2 schedules where you lay out 3 times one week and 2 times the next week. Same as above. Some are set runs and some are wild. Then there's system runs where you stay out all week and run whatever needs to be covered. Bids are twice a year in the spring and fall. Combo runs work the dock and run short linehaul routes. They fall under city seniority but bid with linehaul for their runs.