SAIA | Looking for info on Saia Linehaul


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Hello everyone, I'm currently a linehaul driver with Southeastern Freight (SEFL) out of the Baton Rouge, Louisiana service center. Joined SEFL in January thinking I was going to be a system wild driver (out 5 days at a time), but that position was eliminated at the Baton Rouge terminal. I'm now out maybe 2 days a week, mostly home every day which is limiting my miles to 2000-2500 a week. Usually, I'm on the lower side of that range. SEFL is a good company, I just feel like I'm not able to maximize my time with them.

I'm looking at possibly moving to another LTL carrier for linehaul within the next few months (or whenever there are openings). How is Saia as a linehaul driver? Would I be able to run the road as I want? Also, how are the pay and benefits? I would join the Baton Rouge terminal, anyone work out of that terminal that could share personal experience with the Baton Rouge terminal.

I appreciate anyone's experience and info. Have a great day.

Early Spring March best time to switch companies in LTL so you can build up a little seniority before it gets slow in the winter not get laid off.
If you're currently getting 2000-2500 miles per week, do not come to Saia right now. We're overstaffed just about everywhere except a few areas we've expanded into recently. A few months ago I was volunteering for a 6th day every week, now Im working 3 days a week. *Maybe* in the long run you could consider coming here and running the system but look into it next year