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Does anyone know if this is true? A driver told me in CHR that if you get 6 wright ups for forgetting to put your lunch break on your logs, you would be fired. Of coarse 6 write ups is a lot. But really, is this all they have to worry about. It would be nice if we all could work together and quit biting at each others neck.:tongue:
what if you don't stop for lunch, i just got my cdl last week, if i am over the road do i have to stop for lunch or can i just eat a sandwitch out of the cooler and just keep rolling or do i have to stop and log out for that hour?
Take a 1/2 Hr lunch between your 3rd and 6th hour. Go up to line 1 on your comic book and write LUNCH BREAK. This is a FXN policy and don't fight it, or you'll lose! I don't know about 6 "pieces of TP" and taking long vacation, but I wouldn't try them! But, "Hey, look at the bright side", if you don't know what you're doing, can't read or pay attention, "you could get promoted to Central Dispatch" :/
I don't know if it's true but with the way things are going around here it would not surprise me at all. I try to show it wether I take it or not, oh I forgot that is falsifying logs, scratch that last statement.:bgroovy:
oldslowchevy, this is a company requirement, not DOT. It has to do with a select few states having a requirement for companies to give their workers a lunch break. FedEx just made it a company wide requirement to cover all the bases.
The six strikes is six writeups for what ever. logs, lunches, tickets, being a dick etc. They roll off your record but I for got if its monthly or what. Make sure your lunch on your log matches the computer and u will be ok.
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