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Double or nothing

TB Lurker
I currently make about 55,000 to 58,000 a year at my current employer..
I top out in 6 more year i probably bring home around 65,000 once I top out. Will I be able too make over 80k once I'm top out at ups freight?

Right now I'm in the process of getting on with ups freight, I know i will start out at a low rate but will it be possible for me too atleast make 55k the first year?

I will be going for a road driver position out of Atlanta ga... will this terminal keep me busy or keep me sitting at home?

All yall opinion is greatly appreciated...
You should be asking yourself is there any path to $100k a year with a pension and top tier heath benefits over the next 5 years other than UPSF or UPS? are you planning on staying in LTL freight for 20 years? Lots of OD and Fedex guys making $100k + Gross but after they put 15% in 401k and pay $3500-$5600 a year in health care premiums the net take home is dramatically less than UPS guys. UPS is a very demanding company with strict standards to adhere to.
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