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Mason Dixon

Discussion in 'Trucking Boneyard Discussion' started by 6PakAbs, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. 6PakAbs

    6PakAbs Well-Known Member

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    I am looking for any M-D items...preferably a Winross truck, but anything such as scratch pads, pens, sales brochures...etc...let me know if you have something and I will get in touch with you. Thanks
  2. Freightmaster1

    Freightmaster1 Well-Known Member

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    Here's a picture of a few Mason-Dixon tractors and trailers taken during the 33 day long Teamster wildcat strike in April of 1970. This picture was taken in Akron, Ohio probably at the Roadway Express or Yankee Lines barn on Archwood Avenue. I don't think Mason Dixon or Briggs had a barn in Akron according to a 1969 list of Motor Carriers. Hold back the tears!


  3. ABFer

    ABFer I live Here

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    All those U model Macks gives me a woody.

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