ODFL | More money ?

Not looking,not expecting,but hopeful!A general pay hike here might pressure some of our competetors to follow OD's lead putting even more strain on their bottom lines :stir:,Be one hell of a morale booster for sure!!!
A .25/hr cost of living would be a huge morale booster. A little something more makes all the guys feel like they're being rewarded for all the hard work we're putting in to make the company number one.

Hopeful also, but wouldn't be surprised if nothing happened this year after what's been going on with all the other companies.
I think we should all be happy to be working for the best LTL company in the business right now. Sure everyone would like more $$ in the paycheck but I'm pretty happy getting a nice check & having benefits in this economy.
I myself do not see any money this year, not after ABF voted on 15% wage cut. I do not think OD will get any ideas to cut our wages. I do not think OD will do that, not after last quarter. We are one of the LTL Companys making $$$$$$. We and all the others are doing our jobs and making OD very happyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
I think we will see a small raise this year. I consider not having my ins premiums go up last year as a raise, and expect the same this year PLUS a little extra. Wait till second quarter numbers come out.... :banana:
The "Great Recession" is the best thing that ever could have happened in Old Dominion"s eyes. Sure total revenue is down, but O/R is still very good. They made the necessary cuts to offset the loss in revenue hence are still as profitable as ever. Along with the cuts made, they have forced everyone to work twice as hard. Performance levels that were perfectly acceptable three years ago now are considered awful. Everyone has stepped up to the plate and busted their a$$ to make OD the best LTL carrier out there. They could easily afford to give a raise in September but it will not happen. The uncertainty of the economy and the fact that so many other company's have had to take pay cuts is the perfect excuse. Don't expect a raise until other companies give back the cut in pay plus raises. OD could operate at a .85 and you wouldn't see a raise until that happens.
If they don't want to give us a raise that might be ok but some of us would like to see 3 more all purpose days and move our 3 wk vac. to 5 yrs instead of 8 yrs . Thats my opinion and that of a few others that I know and NO I don't believe any of that will happen . :hyper:
Seem like they won't have to give a raise this year. By holding fast to the pay and benefits package they already have it has become a better package by default. All the other carriers are cutting, which in turn automatically makes our package one of, if not the best in the industry without them having to change anything. I'm just happy that htru all this I have gotten to keep my job and support my family with decent pay and benefits. Not alot of ppl can say that now. :thumbsup:
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